Projection Projects

What you see here are two tiny projects i used to shake up my understanding of projections. The fist you'll see a pico projector connected to an old galaxy sIII. I am running an app I found on the google play app store to map my projections onto those white boxes. Second Ive got a very old monitor and ripped it out flipped it around and placed it on an old overhead projector.  


As an excursive we tried to capture what we consider our aesthetic, both individually and collectively. We did this through what we like to call Basquiat Drawings. The painter-poet was an experimenter who fused to mediums like never before. In his work all of the dynamics of the content are considered: color, shape, location etc. For us, these dynamics are tools used to continue to understand why we are compelled to create what we imagine

Basquiat Drawings

Object Theater

What is a puppet, what is an object, and when does the difference matter? WE have found that these objects keep finding there way into our work and its hard to tell if, because its in a show, it is now a puppet. Does it become a puppet when you give it a story? This is our Bina 48 from Notes on the Past, she is a lamp in addition to being a metaphor for creation.

Re search: Puppetry @ Performing Arts Library

Puppetry-the most whimsical of metaphors, is a powerful tool, when used properly. We believe puppetry has a major part to play in the development of empathy in these new times of new troubles and new technologies. We ask ourselves in our work, what can we do to bring about justice through the puppet metaphor? 


How do you use the space?

Early on we started making these-physical collages, these "table-scapes" but we weren't sure why? We noticed that it came intuitively to us to arrange--but then we saw that its true for others as well. We would start arranging and folks would just join in. Its a cool way to use the space to warm up your collective attention to detail


We wonder