Notes on the Past

Notes on the Past, written by Storm and Directed by Marisa Featuring: Sarah Scholl, Elizabeth Barnett and Emily Holden.

Notes on the Past is a multi-layered 1-Act play that uses the interwoven stories of characters, puppets and their puppeteers to show how bodies, like mine, that exist outside societal norms may engage with grief and loss. Martine Rothblatt, a dunken donuts bag, a dragon and it's puppeteer are just some of the characters that intersect to create a storytelling form that will keep you engaged in this excitingly sad story.

Meced de Papel

Merced de Papel, performed at Dartmouth College with Vox Festival. 

The Universe is a Small Hat

created by Cesar Alvaréz

The Universe is a Small Hat, Performed at Sarah Lawrence College

Creator and Director: Cesar Alvaréz
Associate Director: Storm
Choreographer: Sam Pinkleton
Associate Choreographer: Marisa

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